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About China Women's University

China Women’s University (CWU) is the oldest and most prestigious women’s university in China, specialized in women’s higher education and research in related areas. The story of CWU started in 1949. After a long period of stable growth followed, the school expanded student programs, academic services. The current student number studying on campus is around 5,500 from all through China. Over 95% of them are female. Dedicated to Women’s higher education, CWU is established as a new force of forming more future women leaderships in China.

China Women’s University offers 21 undergraduate disciplines under 5 schools and 4 departments. Among them, the discipline of women’s studies, pre-school education and social works are the national-level special disciplines authorized by the Ministry of Education due to the great influence and distinguishing features.

The Department of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is established in 2009, offering undergraduate programs of TCSOL. CWU is expanding its Chinese courses and Chinese Culture Experiencing Programs to oversea students. The group of professional TCSOL teachers guarantee the quality of the oversea students language and culture programs.

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